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Multilingual libraries/collections

Danish Library Centre for Integration, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Danish Library Centre for Integration (SBCI) lends books, music, and films to Danish public libraries.Most of the collections are in Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu. They also host Verdensbibliotek, a digital library with online access to music, films and e-books from all over the world.

Det flerspråklige bibliotek, Oslo, Norway
The multilingual collection of the National Library of Norway has books and films in 69 languages. LIbraries around Norway can order materials for their customers.

International Library, Stockholm, Sweden
The International Library is part of the Stockholm Public Library and it is in central Stockholm. People living elsewhere in Sweden can order books to their local libraries.

Multilingual Library, Helsinki, Finland
The Multilingual Library is located in Pasila Library, Helsinki and its collections cover over 80 languages. Customers living outside of Helsinki can order all materials to their local libraries around Finland.

Nordens Hus bibliotek, Reykjavik, Iceland
The Nordic House Library provides literature (books and ebooks) and films in 7 Nordic languages for children and adults. 

Sign Language eLibrary of Finland, online (in Finnish and Swedish)
The library, run by the Finnish Association of the Deaf, has collected materials since 2014. The video material consists of six categories from sports to children’s programme. Some of the videos have been translated in Finnish or Swedish. 

Projects in the Nordic Countries


Norden i Skolan
Norden i Skolan is a non-profit project run by The NORDEN Association, its national member organizations and Nordisk Sprogkoordination. It produces educational material and finds twin classes in other Nordic Countries to elementary schools.

Nolitch X
NolitchX, Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange, is a literature project (2017) with the objective of creating networks of immigrant language writers in the Nordic region. This initiative is a Nordic collaboration between associations, groups and individual writers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. NolitchX has support from Nordic Culture FundNordic Culture Point and Malmö Stad.





Satakielikuukausi, Multilingual Month in Finland, is an annual collaborative language festival organized by cultural centers and associations.

Sivuvalo project is a creative platform for writers who write in other than the two national languages in Finland. It offers information about transnational writers, edits publications and organizes multimedia poetry readings, workshops and other artistic collaborations.

Active Lib is a programme of Jyväskylä University that searches for educational tools to support the growth of young students towards multilingualism and multilingual identities.

Story Sharing Universum is a project which helps immigrants, asylum seekers and Finns to meet and share stories together in several languages. The project has two parts: Story Sharing Cafés, which are open to the public, and storytelling workshops for asylum seekers at reception centres. The project is a part of City of Helsinki’s official integration programme for year 2017.


Creative Multilingualism
Creative Multilingualism is a research programme led by the University of Oxford. It investigates the interconnection between linguistic diversity and creativity.

Enduring Voices – Documenting the Planet’s Endangered Languages
The project has compiled online Talking Dictionaries  that give listeners around the world a chance to hear some of the most little-known sounds of human speech. The project includes research and events 

Global Literature in Libraries Initiative
Initiative strives to raise the visibility of world literature for adults and children in the United States and international levels. The project also explores ways in which non-US publishers of English translations and non-US, non-English-language publishers can more easily promote their works among libraries.

Language Landscape
Language Landscape is a UK-based non-profit organization promoting lingual diversity. They collect an online map of languages spoken around the world and run outreach projects with schools and community centres.

World Oral Literature Project
The University of Cambridge has documented endangered oral literatures. Through the online map you can watch videos and listen to the stories in different languages.

Free online resources

Stories, comics and more

International Children’s Digital Library
Research project that aims to create a digital library of children’s books from all over the world. In February 2017 the collection includes free online over 4,600 books in 59 languages.

World Comics
World Comics Finland (WCF) is a politically independent and non-religious human rights oriented organization that supports individuals and groups possessing a wide variety of points of view but who lack the means to make their voices heard.  They use grass-roots oriented comic method and they have hosted workshops around the world.

World Stories
A growing collection of stories from around the world. The collection includes retold traditional tales and new short stories in various languages.

Educational guides, tool kits etc.

Including the Excluded: Promoting Multilingual Education by UNESCO (pdf)
The UNESCO publication includes Resource Kits for policy makers, implementers and community members. The key concept of all three is mother tongue-based multilingual education and they cover a variety of concrete examples. 

Languages are Fun! by Solveig Sjöstedt (pdf)
Online booklet for everyone interested in learning a language or improving a half forgotten language. Includes practical ideas on how to improve language skills.

Literacy in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts. Effective Approaches to Adult Learning and Education by UNESCO (pdf)
The UNESCO publication includes case studies of mother-tongue based literacy programmes and projects from all over the world.